BTWOE* – Part 7 of 10 with The Whiskey Room

When Christopher Rhodovi (from The Whiskey Room) and I planned our meeting this weekend for #4 in the BTWOE* series**The Macallan 12 – we both presumed it was to taste and review The Macallan 12 Sherry Cask. However a last minute observation by Chris about the original post brought into question whether or not the had actually meant The Macallan 12 Double Oak Cask.

Not one to eschew adding a single malt to the collection, I picked up a bottle of the Double Cask and made the executive decision that we would taste both of them. Because of this, you now have to listen to over a half hour of our pontificating as we discuss some of practices that make The Macallan one of the most prominent single malts in the world (Golden Promise, small stills, etc); as well as taste and talk about the two different single malts from there.

In the end, Chris & I both agree that #4 on the list has to be The Macallan 12 Sherry Cask. – as this is essentially the single malt that put The Macallan on the world stage, and the fact that the 12 Double Cask was only released late last year (how could it have garnered the votes?).

We encourage you to grab a glass, pour a dram, and join us.


Apologies if there's any strange audio quirks. I had to find a way to remove the AC unit noise that kicks on at about 5:35. And not being a sound engineer, I did the best I could.