Three Blind Wines – #1

I should admit from time to time my friends in the industry drop off some items to taste and review.* In fact, the respect they have for my palate, thoughtful care in tasting, and creativity in reviewing helped to fertilize the seed of my podcast ideas. I never feel the pressure to ‘go positive’ on their behalf, though admittedly I often find something redeeming in the products that I taste – even if they are not ‘my taste’. Through my years of tasting I’ve learned tastes change, and tasting as objectively as possible has given me a wealth of information to draw upon to serve others’ tastes – and my own well.

So it is, that the Baron of Beverage finds itself in a bit of a crossover episode with my other podcast –  Wine, Women, & Song. We taste wines blind while enjoying classically trained voices singing opera, art song, lieder, etc – and reviewing both. An upcoming theme on that podcast is ‘Big Meaty Reds’ and one of my friends ‘in the biz’ had an idea to help out. And so…

She dropped off 3 wines – all of which were wrapped in opaque paper and stripped of any identifying materials, and labeled simply #1, #2, #3 – to taste. Ideally, one would be selected for inclusion in Wine, Women, & Song‘s August podcast.

Not wanting to keep all the fun of blind tasting to myself, I asked her if tasting and reviewing them all individually here would be acceptable as well – and she agreed.

So here is our tasting and review of ‘Big Meaty Red’ #1 – and while the Baroness & I have no idea what the wine is, that didn’t stop us from throwing out our guesses (we both agreed on a guess of Spanish). Find out what all Three Blind Wines are by listening to the third podcast in this series.


*Currently, 90%+ of products reviewed are all procured at the BoB’s cost.