Road Trip to NYC – The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking

I’ve been to New York City many a number of times through auditions and to see operas primarily. As of late my trips to NYC have almost exclusively been in my role as a National Officer in my union, AGMA. These trips usually take up all my time and leave no time for ‘fun’ – something I was resolved to change if possible.

With that in mind as I sat down on my early morning train, fired up my phone, and searched for ‘Broadway Shows on Mondays’. I presumed theatres were (historically) dark on my one free night. To my pleasant surprise there were a fair number of ‘off-Broadway’ shows with performances that evening. When I scrolled down and saw “The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking” – I simply had to attend. [The fact that there were three drinks included in the price of admission didn’t hurt either!]

Realizing that this isn’t a theatre review podcast/blog, I still need to point out that this was a fantastic show. What writer/staring Anthony Caporale has put together both a thoroughly enjoyable night out – and manages to have everyone also leave just a little bit more knowledgeable about the ‘party & dance’ drug humans have been enjoying for millennium. Was it a theatrical revelation a la “Hamilton”? Certainly not. Was it the the most entertaining alcoholic beverage presentation I’ve ever come across in my life – most definitely.

Anthony and I sat down after the performance to talk a little bit about the show and taste his Raspberry Creamsicle Old Fashioned (the show’s second featured drink). This cocktail served as a reminder that modern twists on classic cocktails don’t have to sacrifice the celebration of the spirit.

Without reservation, I recommend seeing if there’s a performance for this – or any of their other ‘variations’ (There are brunch, holiday, and pirate versions seasonally in rep too!) when you are next in NYC.