BTWOE* – Part 4 of 10 with The Whiskey Room

It seems like it took all month, and it practically has, to find a time to sit back down with Christopher Rhodovi from The Whiskey Room. So just a couple of days after the ‘summer solstice we were able to sit down, taste and talk about #7 in the BTWOE* series** – Crown Royal (Fine De Luxe).

Each of us had a Crown Royal whisky drinking experience from our earlier days of whisk(e)y exploration and it was good to reach back into our past, as well as taste this spirit with a ‘fresh palate’.

 #7 on the is is Crown Royal, the No. 1 Exported Canadian Whisky. We discuss its history created in 1939 for King George VI on his visit to Canada that year; what makes Canadian Whisky different from other whisk(e)ys – barrels, aging, grains, the process – and yet somehow overlooking that Canada is one of the places that always spells its whisky without an ‘e’. Tasting it neat and on the rocks – and eschewing the most common ways Crown Royal is enjoyed, in Coke or Ginger Ale (similarly to Old No. 7).


*-“Best Tasting Whiskies On Earth”, order from the UPROXX article “These Are The Best Tasting Whiskies On Earth, According To Twenty Thousand Whiskey Drinkers

**-Baron of Beverage (BoB) will run several series interwoven through their regular podcasts, rather than run all contiguous/uninterrupted.