Jameson Black Barrel with Charles Tappan

There are few more natural things to do on a Friday night after a long week than to belly up to the bar and enjoy a beverage. Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Charles Tappan, Mixologist with Pernod Ricard at Looney’s in Bel Air to taste Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey and discuss its distinctions as compared to the Jameson Original with which most are familiar.

The primary distinctions between the Black Barrel and the original are that the Black Barrel is aged approximately twice as long as the original – and that the casks that they use are undergo additional charring to ‘full alligator‘ or Level #4. The increased length of aging in these re-charred barrels creates a spirit that still retains Jameson Original’s sweet nutty core, but adds to it a baking spices and a fruitiness that stand out on the mid-palate and finish.

Perfectly enjoyable on its own, yet another great feature of the whiskey is its ability to come through when used in cocktails. And Friday night we tasted one of Charles’ favorites – the New York Sour. [Basic components are 2 parts whiskey (in this case Black Barrel), 1 part Lemon juice, and 1/2-1 part Simple Syrup (depending on your sour preference), with a light handed red wine floater on top.]