Whitney Webre from Zeke’s Coffee – Nitro Cold Brew

Some listeners won’t know this, but I starting roasting coffee over 20 years ago at an independent establishment (once again the BoB getting in ahead of the trend) called the Green Bean Coffeehouse where I not only managed but became their Master Roaster. After a few years life took me in a different direction and I stopped working in coffeehouses – moving into sommelier and fromagerie territories. But my passion for coffee has never left (and I credit the things I learned from that time has helping feed my passion into wine, beer, and spirits as well). A little over 5 years ago I was gifted a home roaster and the folks at Zeke’s Coffee have been helping fuel my passion by being my green bean supplier.

Zeke’s is brimming with enthusiasts, one of whom is Whitney Webre my guest on this podcast. With this episode, he and I embark on a non-regular series* of discussions about coffee – trends, methods, beans, roasting, and anything we can relate to our love for the bean!

Due to summer’s heat, which is fast upon us, our topic today is cold brew – and more specifically the hottest trend in cold brew – Nitro Coffee. “We welcome you to listen, learn, and head out to find some nitro coffee at Zeke’s (cafe and farmer’s markets) or other local coffee roasters (for those outside the Baltimore/DC area).


*-Baron of Beverage (BoB) will run several series interwoven through their regular podcasts, rather than run all contiguous/uninterrupted.