BTWOE* – Part 3 of 10 with The Whiskey Room

While Whiskey Room’s Christopher Rhodovi and I managed to get together just 4 days after we tasted the Glenfiddich 12, the rest of the week proved so busy as to delay the posting of our podcast on #8 in the BTWOE* series** – Jack Daniel’s.

Last week we found ourselves in Washington, D.C. with any extra half hour on our hands prior to a dinner we both were attending, so we grabbed an outdoor table at Chatter – a D.C. pub that’s partially owned by another (slightly more famous) podcaster – Tony Kornheiser.

 #8 on the is is Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, a Tennessee Whiskey – and if they had their way, it’d be the only Tennessee whiskey (but it’s not). Chris and I cover what makes Old No. 7 special, the Lincoln County Process (& what specifically Jack Daniel’s does differently within that process), as well as had fun with Chris skewering the tasting note video from Jack Daniel’s. Tasting it neat and on the rocks – and eschewing the most common ways Old No. 7 is enjoyed, in Coke or Ginger Ale.


*-“Best Tasting Whiskies On Earth”, order from the UPROXX article “These Are The Best Tasting Whiskies On Earth, According To Twenty Thousand Whiskey Drinkers

**-Baron of Beverage (BoB) will run several series interwoven through their regular podcasts, rather than run all contiguous/uninterrupted.