Memorial Day Kickoff: 2 Ballast Point Porters; Guest Rodger Stroup

One of the things that always helps a holiday weekend – when shortly after 5pm on Friday someone says, “I think it’s time for a drink/adult beverage.” And with my wife’s parents in town for the weekend, a great opportunity presented itself in the form of tasting some porters with Rodger (my father in law) which are his favorite style of beer. We had purchased some Ballast Point Porters back in March, when he was supposed to visit and remarkably we didn’t drink them by the time he made it for this visit.

First up Ballast Point Victory at Sea, an Imperial Porter with coffee & vanilla – and available from the brewer year-round – at first blush one might think this an overly sweet experience, but they do a fine job of only letting the porter’s malty sweetness through without feeling the need to augment it – other than with dusty coffee and vanilla highlights.

Then we tried a seasonal version Peppermint Victory at Sea – which thankfully we all found less ‘minty fresh’ and more minty highlights of the above.