Monthly Archives: April 2017

Goldeneye Winemaker Michael Accurso

Earlier this week I had a ‘golden’ opportunity to enjoy lunch with an up and coming winemaker – Michael Accurso from Goldeneye Winery, located in Anderson Valley, CA. Goldeneye is part of the larger Duckhorn Vineyards family of wines and work (almost exclusively) with Pinot Noir. [There are other varietals available direct to consumer at the vineyard.]

In  our conversation over lunch, Michael describes Anderson Valley as having a bit of a ‘wild west’ atmosphere when is comes to wine making as compared to the valley’s southern neighbors Napa & Sonoma. He has used that freedom  – accompanied by excellent soil, diurnal temperature shifts, and about 1/6 of the available acreage for wine grapes – to produce some beautifully elegant, complex and lush Pinot Noirs.

Join us as we discuss this along with tasting their 2013 Goldeneye Gowan Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir.

Road Trip! ROAK Brewing

Last week I was traveling for business in East Lansing, MI – but I was still able to squeeze in an interview with Quinn Sioma of ROAK Brewing Co.

The atmosphere sounds a bit raucous at HopCat, but I was able to discuss 3 distinct and different ales with Quinn: Awesomesauce -an English Pale Ale with wheat, Blow Your Face Out – a Double IPA; and  Live Wire, an American IPA.

BTW – If you’re a craft beer lover and get a chance to check out a HopCat – do it!

Single Malt Spring Day – Glenfiddich 21

Some say that Scotch whisky isn’t necessarily a warm, weather drink. And some say that any day that ends in a ‘y’ is a good day for a wee dram. As luck would have it, this afternoon one of the Baron’s reps came by to discuss future projects and left him with a parting gift – a generous pour of Glenfiddch 21 Year Old.

Since it’s not my nature to be selfish when enjoying my beverages, I flipped through my mental Roladex and quick texted a friend who might be nearby and able to meet with me to enjoy and review with me. Joe Satava, who is an excellent pianist (& a hobby mixologist – from whom I was referred to the hot chocolate recipe) was able to squeeze in a few minutes to sit outside with me for this, uh….task.

This exceptional spirit is aged for a minimum of 21 years in ex-Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks before being finished for four months in specially selected rum casks. This treatment results in some beautiful tropical fruit and citrus notes – and as you’ll hear lends itself quite nicely to being enjoyed in the summer weather.


Making the ‘El Jefe’ with my Dad

So during my last trip to visit my parents, my dad wanted to share with me a cocktail he had recently learned how to make from a local bartender the El Jefe.

The BoB has seen several cocktails with this name (including one with gin), but this one uses a more traditional tequila – because, whoever heard of a Londoner with the nickname ‘el jefe’? And while many of the more common recipes call for pineapple juice, amaretto, and Grand Marnier (or triple sec), the recipe my dad was gifted from one of his local watering holes features elder-flower liqueur, fresh strawberries, & basil – which de-emphasizes the sweetness and results in a much more balanced and nuanced cocktail.

Something perfect for a spring or summer afternoon.