As the first flakes fall – we sip an experimental single malt

As the first flakes of Winter Storm ‘Stella’ begin to fall, the Baron follows through on his promise of a burst of initial podcasts. And what better to sip on during a pending winter storm than – single malt scotch.

Our selection this evening is a new ‘Experimental’ series single malt from Glenfiddich – India Pale Ale Finish.

This single malt is brought to you as the brainchild of Brian Kinsman, Malt Master at Glenfiddich and Seb Jones brewer at Speyside Craft Brewery – with the brewery and distillery ~24 miles apart. Apparently they used not only the same Speyside water in their beer/whiskey, but malted barley as well.

They 3 different brews developed by Seb and who knows how many aging variations Brian went through as they developed the final product (but I sure wish I’d been along for the tasting ride. What they ended up with is a definitely a unique single malt, and one worth ordering a dram of if you find it at your local watering hole – and if your description of it sounds up your single malt alley, grab a bottle – it’s likely priced in the range of any ~12 year age statement single malt.